Loft Insulation

With a team of expert loft insulators, Power Switch Energy can help save you money by keeping heat where it belongs; inside your property.

Whether you want to use your loft for storage, need to rectify a damp problem, have a loft that’s difficult to get to or have a flat roof, we can help to insulate it correctly.

Our loft insulating specialists provide excellent customer service too. They work in a clean and tidy way whilst adopting all the latest best practises.

Why Is Loft Insulation Needed?

Loft Insulation Services by Power Switch Energy

Put simply, if you have poor insulation or, even worse, no insulation at all, heat will escape into the atmosphere. You’ll still be paying for this energy too. The problem is you’ll be getting very little benefit from it. Loft insulation can improve energy saving whilst cutting down your bills.

As well as cost savings, loft insulation helps to reduce carbon emissions. Improving your home’s carbon footprint will help your local environment. In fact, if everyone in the UK installed loft insulation it’s estimated around three million tonnes of CO2 wouldn’t be wasted.   

Choosing Loft Insulation

What you’d like to do with your loft, along with factors such as size and type of roof, can make a difference to the type of loft insulation you choose.

Some of the common types of loft insulation include:

Each type of insulation is suitable for different uses. Our expert team can consult you about the most appropriate insulation materials to use for your individual project.

Things To Consider When Installing Loft Insulation

As we touched on earlier, it’s important to consider what your loft is going to be used for. It’s also crucial to factor in physical characteristics when you decide to have your loft insulated.

Some of the key things to take into consideration include:

Icon depicting room in roof

What will your loft be used for?

Maybe you want to board and insulate your loft for extra storage space? Perhaps you simply want insulation to enhance your energy efficiency? Or maybe you want add an extra room? Our team will talk you through all of these different options. If you specifically want to learn more about room in roof insulation, contact us on 01204 848324.

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Is there damp present in the loft?

No matter where damp is present, it can be a pain at best and a major problem for your home at worst. Lofts are no different and can also be subject to damp. Insulation stops heat from escaping and that means existing damp or condensation could get worse. This needs to be factored and may require increases in ventilation.

Does the loft have a flat roof?

If your property has a flat roof, the insulation will ideally be installed from above. It’s possible to do it from underneath however, done wrong, this could lead to severe damp and condensation. If the whole property has a flat roof, savings are likely to be lower than other types of insulation. If it’s just the loft or a small area of flat roof, the savings will be similar.

icon depicting a ladder to a loft

Is the loft difficult to access?

Just because you can’t get to your loft, doesn’t mean it can’t be insulated. If it’s difficult to physically get into the loft then professional equipment is required to blow insulation into the space. Our team is well-versed when it comes to insulating lofts with poor access. We’ll make sure your loft is well insulated, whilst working safely.

How Much Do You Save With Loft Insulation?

thermal image and heat map with different insulation materials

Did you know roughly a quarter of all household energy is lost through the roof, if your property doesn’t have loft insulation? That means if your loft is insulated correctly, you’ll save in terms of energy efficiency and cold, hard, cash.

Loft insulation from Power Switch Energy is likely to pay for itself several times over and could prove to be one of your shrewdest investments of the year.

Expert Loft Insulation Work Delivered By Power Switch Energy

When it comes to insulating a loft it’s important to do it properly. Our highly skilled staff can help you choose the right insulation materials for your exact requirements. Then they’ll fit it quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to you and your family.

Based out of our Bolton Head Office, we’ve helped families across the UK to reduce their energy bills by making sure their loft is well insulated.

If you’d like a FREE consultation, call our friendly team today. You can also contact us by email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.