Boiler Replacements

If your boiler breaks down you’ll need to replace it out of necessity. Equally if you have an older boiler it might be worth your while to replace it with a new one that’s more energy efficient.

Thanks to our involvement in the Energy Company Obligation scheme (ECO), Power Switch Energy is trusted by local authorities and residents to safely and efficiently install replacement boilers.

Our team of installers are Gas Safe registered and can help advise on the best boilers for your specific circumstances. Based out of Head Office in Bolton, we help clients across the North West and the wider UK.

Why Replace A Boiler?

Male Plumber Working On Central Heating Boiler - trust Power Switch Energy to complete your boiler replacement.

Well, firstly, sometimes you don’t get a choice! What could be worse than your boiler breaking during the coldest months of the year? No hot water and a lack of heat wouldn’t be much fun. At best this would be inconvenient. At worst it could adversely affect your health. This is especially true if you have young children or elderly relatives staying in the property.

A much better solution is to proactively try to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Having a modern boiler installed, using the latest technology, will help reduce your risk of something going wrong. You’ll also save money and benefit from reduced energy bills.

Power Switch Energy can supply a full range of brand new boilers, including gas and combi. Whatever your property needs we’ll have you covered.

What Are Boiler Grants?

Through the government-backed ECO scheme, you may be entitled to free or heavily subsidised replacement boilers. The scheme is designed to allow low income households, or households on certain benefits, to reduce their carbon emissions whilst also saving money on heating and energy bills.

Most people have mains gas boilers. These are the most common type of boiler available on the scheme. That said, if your property doesn’t have a mains gas supply other types of boilers can also be installed. These include oil boilers and LPG boilers.

It’s worth noting that through the ECO scheme you might also be entitled to other energy saving installations such as cavity wall insulation, internal wall insulation and loft insulation. Combined with our boiler replacement services we can have your home more energy efficient in no time!

Who Qualifies For Free Boiler Replacement?

Well, first things first, your current boiler needs to be non-condensing and at least 5 years old. If your boiler is younger than 5 years old it’s safe to assume it can probably be fixed for cheaper than a replacement would cost.

Whether you’re on means tested benefits or non-means tested benefits, you might be able to qualify for a grant or a free replacement boiler.

Some of the more common benefits that can lead to a successful application include:

icon depicting a couple

Pension Credit

Icon depicting a pound sign

Income Support

Universal Credit

Icon depicting a carer and someone using a walking stick

Carers Allowance

Icon depicting a CV

Job Seekers Allowance

icon depicting a family

Child or Working Tax Credit

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

icon depicting workers

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

If you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to get a grant,  give us a call and we’ll talk you through the process. What have you got to lose?

You can also find out more about your finance options by clicking here.

We Also Do Storage Heater Replacements…

closeup of modern radiator with digital temperature - Power Switch Energy also do storage heaters

Storage heaters are another piece of equipment that have come on in leaps and bounds. New storage heaters are far more energy efficient compared to older models. A lot of people are choosing to replace them with modern electric radiators too.

We’ll be able to advise on the funding options available as well as talk you through the best solutions for your property. With our guidance your home will become more energy efficient, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and spend less money on heating bills.

Choose Power Switch Energy To Replace Your Boiler

Our team of Gas Safe registered heating engineers deliver incredible customer service whilst working in a safe and efficient way.

We’ll take you step-by-step through each stage of the process. It’s our mission to ensure you get the right products, control systems and an installation with minimal disturbance.

Power Switch Energy will work closely with you to make sure you get the perfect heating solution. All done with the care and support our customers love.

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